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Minecraft modder Sonic Ether brings the pretty to Minecraftia

More Minecraftian news! Modder Sonic Ether had long since been developing and releasing versions of his Shaders for Minecraft, recently version 1.2.5. But he released a much improved version of his Shaders a few days ago, also adding a Water Shader to the mix. And boy does it look pretty. Check his Facebook post here! Be warned that the mod is not optimized nor is it bug free, since it is a release candidate.

Source: Sonic Ether


Minecraft gets a new block in the 1.3 Pre-Release, it’s a game changer

We talked about how the changes in the last Minecraft snapshot weren’t huge gameplay changes, but esthetic and decorative changes that are a very big deal for all those Adventure Map makers and crafters out there.

Well today there’s a new release but it isn’t a snapshot. It’s a pre-release. For 1.3. And with it comes a big change in a small package. Jens Bergensten of Mojang has introduced a new block that significantly changes the way things are run in Adventure Mode and likely for how anything is planned out in Adventure Maps. He’s calling it “Adventure Mode Control Block”. It has the potential of running script that’s pre-inputted in and activated via Redstone. So while it could be used to something as simple as giving a player 500 xp for clearing a dungeon, it could also be used to change difficulty to create more intense instances during segments of gameplay. Incredibly interesting.

As an avid Minecraft player, I can’t wait to see how this develops. Update 1.3 is going to be huge!

Source: @Jeb_

Mojang releases Snapshot 12w30e of Minecraft

Just yesterday, Mojang, makers of world-famous Minecraft, released a Snapshot version of Minecraft titled “12w30e” that adds the game changing feature of… log rotation. No but seriously, it does make a good deal of a difference for those crafters out there making things like scale models in creative mode or adventure maps. It does extend the possibility for things that can be imagined and that can be created.

Along with this change, they fixed other problems such as “Ender Dragon Egg Teleportation” and strongly reduced the amount of experience orbs you get from furnaces, which I guess means you get XP orbs from furnaces. That’s interesting.

But the most interesting fact that I was able to extract from this update was that it states they needed to release “one more snapshot before the release of 1.3”. The date for the long-awaited and jam-packed update draws much nearer! Upon knowing a closer date for 1.3, we’ll put up a feature list that comes along with 1.3. Keep fingers crossed that it’s soon!

Source: Mojang