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thechineseroom’s next project after ‘Dear Esther’ is pretty ambitious

So UK indie studio, thechineseroom, made a free mod a few years back called ‘Dear Esther’ for Half Life 2 from Valve. It was hugely successful and then it got a facelift and remake using the Source Engine and Valve’s true blessing. It blew a lot of people’s minds. It blew my mind. And it continues to do so. But now it’s time for a new project.

Introducing ‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture’. Thus far it’s a beautiful looking game. Not much is said about the whole story for it other than how it’s set in a apocalyptic scenario. But that’s okay with me, i’m very excited to see any and all projects thechineseroom has to offer.

Source: NowGamer

Episode One of The Walking Dead comes to iOS

According to the Telltale Games blog, work on the iOS version of The Walking Dead video game has finally reached completion and will be released this coming Thursday, July 26th! ¬†You’ll be able to purchase the title on Apple’s App Store on any iOS device for $4.99 and it will be a universal app, so whether you have an iPad or an iPhone or an iPod touch, you’re covered! Unfortunately, the hardware restrictions land on only being compatible with the iPad 2, the new iPad, the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 4S, and the 4th gen iPod Touch (and above).

After you’re done with the first episode of the series, you can purchase episodes individually for $4.99 as in-app transactions within the first or pre-purchase the rest of the series as a “Multi-Pack” or $14.99.

Telltale also states that the second episode is slated for release rather soon as well, only needing a few more development final touches.

Source: The Telltale Blog