World Record Portal Speedrun: Haters Gonna Hate

As most people know, Portal isn’t particularly the longest game. It was a small project done by Valve that wasn’t expected to be a particularly big hit. So it was short, stylized, and more addictive than crack.

So addictive, in fact, that people started doing speed runs of the game. World records were being set and recently, a previous world record got torn to pieces. At a record of 9 minutes and 25 seconds, DemonStrate had set the bar pretty high. But not high enough.

Bring in the SourceRun crew. These guys were able, through their combined efforts, to bring down that world record and lay down a new one set at 8 minutes and 31 seconds. Now that is a marvel. They even went through every means to make it SDA (Speed Demo Archives) legal and did not use cheats, scripts, or hacks to achieve this record. That’s a pretty big deal too.

Now who’s next at tackling that monster time?


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