Skyrim 1.7 patch coming, Dawnguard DLC still up in the air

All PS3 owners will be glad to know (myself included) that the Skyrim 1.7 patch has been announced by Bethesda over Twitter as coming “in the coming weeks”. The update will bring along features from patch 1.6 such as mounted combat, new kill cams, and more. Unfortunately the Dawnguard DLC is still not going to be available to PS3 owners just yet.

It’ll eventually show but for us who’ve been seeing the content in videos and other media, it couldn’t show up soon enough. Patience is something to really keep in mind though, lest Bethesda make a shoddy, buggy release of the content, in which case there will be many NOT happy people.

Via: Joystiq
Source: @ElderScrolls

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